Tools Developer: Full Time

September 18, 2013
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Job Description:

Senior (Level 1+) Developer. The ASTRA Program is a CIO level project to build an IT environment to support internal users in the field and at headquarters. The system will provide an integrated, web-based desktop that will allow users access to all of the tools and applications required to perform their mission. The individual will work with an established team to develop and enhance functions available in ASTRA, with a focus on re-engineering WMA end-user needs into the ASTRA WMA desktop vision. The individual must have Java, Javascript, and Database Development experience. Knowledge of Agency networks and customer applications in general is a plus. Individual must be able to work quickly under time-constrained deadlines while maintaining quality. Note

Mandatory Skills:

Java -J2EE -Javascript -Oracle and/or SQL development

Located In Northern Virginia

NOTE: Requires TSSCI Poly clearance

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