Knowledge Management: Full Time Located In Reston Virginia

January 22, 2014
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Job Description:

The contractor shall provide data management expertise directly supporting an OTC Strategic Campaign on Data Management in shaping enterprise data and metadata processing chains from collection to/from analyst. The effort shall include collection and documentation of software requirements and capabilities through partnerships with data scientists and end-users to tell the story of how a particular series of technologies have been evaluated and how they will deliver impact to mission. The effort shall include facilitating and documenting the evaluation of open source, government, and commercial technologies related to databases, processing, geographic information systems, and visualization. Data products will be generated along with storyboards detailing how they were created and can be repeated. All of these activities will then be well documented and communicated outward. The effort will be closely paired with the development of a larger data management framework into which all of these findings will contribute. The effort requires a strong knowledge of software development, modern database and indexing theory, and web-based and web-scale information systems. The ideal candidate shall have a combination of in-depth technical knowledge in Big Data Storage and Analysis, Information Science, Software Development, Data Management Systems, Databases, and System Security Approval Process, broad knowledge/experience with the customer or Law Enforcement community, as well as systems engineering expertise. Tasks: * Identify, define, and document database and computer program interfaces including integration between various COTS, GOTS technologies, products and/or systems. * Design and facilitate efforts to evaluate database and software products, manipulate data structures, and provide draft/prototype code to demonstrate potential processing chains. Assist in the development of formal completion-task requirements for productization of those concepts. * Provide expertise on state-of-the-industry for data correlation and data analytic software and technologies, and apply this expertise to advise and support the customer on integration of these technologies to improve the flow and consumption of sponsor- related data. * Provide or facilitate rapid-evaluation of open source, government, and commercial technologies related to databases, processing, geographic information systems, and visualization. * Evaluate competitive commercial products and systems and recommend options for integration into the data management enterprise. Write component and system specifications and operational Concept of Operations (CONOPS) related to data management and use. * Advise on complex customer projects across multiple technical and operational areas associated with Data Management and Big Data Analysis technology, with priority on leveraging existing systems and prototyping new uses for them. * Support implementation of data management processes and systems into the classified data and network while navigating security approval process.

Mandatory Skills:

BS in Information Systems, Data Management, Data Science, Computer Systems, Computer Science, New Media, or equivalent years of experience 5 years relevant work experience, including Extensive understanding of Big Data and Information Science Theory and Practice, Database Management and Data Structures, and delivering information as a product. Strong skills in documentation, working directly with non-technical customers and translating their requirements into actionable prototypes, and developing formal development requirements based on those prototypes. Experience defining and architecting end-to-end data flow architecture and data management systems, as well as multi-system and multi-software interface definition and documentation. Experience in software development projects as a programmer or product manager. Experience converting large, ambiguous data sets into compact and digestible visualizations, then transitioning code and requirements to other developers. Knowledge of different data storage, search, and retrieval models such as the pros/cons of object-based noSQL data stores vs. traditional SQL-style data structures.

Located In Northern Virginia

NOTE: Requires TSSCI Poly clearance

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