Application Tester: Full Time

September 18, 2013
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Job Description:

Mid-Level Journeyman Test Resource for the ASTRA Software Integration Division in CIO/APPS/C2G. The individual will be part of the ASTRA IV&V test team responsible for testing aspects of the project as it relates to verification, validation, and technical documentation of the ASTRA software program. The tester directly supports the IV&V team performing regression testing and integration testing of any and all parts of the application before delivery to the customer. The individual reviews software test cases, participates in software design reviews, prepares test reports, and assists in developing test plans and procedures for all phases of testing from integration to full system test. This test position will be part of a small test team. The tester is also responsible for assisting in maintaining test documentation through the CM process. Individual selected will work in the Tysons Corner area, but may be required to work at other Intelligence Community buildings on occasion for TEMs, board meetings, focus groups, review boards, etc. ASTRA personnel require H briefing prior to joining the division. Pager Duty / Carrying Pager / On Call

Mandatory Skills:

1) Knowledge in automated testmethodologies/processes e.g., Selenium 2) Experience with IV&V testing and Unit testing 3) Very good writing skills, e.g., test cases, reports 4) Ability to work independently or with a small team 5) Knowledge of various software development methodologies 6) Experiencing with creating/maintaining a Requirements Verification Traceability Matrix (RVTM)

Located In Northern Virginia

NOTE: Requires TSSCI Poly clearance

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